I've recently been asked by heaps of my wonderful customers if I do refills and I'm happy to share that yes I do! At the moment I'm still working out logistics so that I can offer this service to customers outside of my local delivery areas. BUT for those of you who live in or around Bendigo, Bridgewater, Inglewood, Wedderburn and surrounding areas it's a super simple process! All you need to do is:

▪️Burn your Little Red Candle Co candle (I only refill candles that have been purchased from myself or my stockists)

▪️Wash the jar/tin in hot soapy water to get all left over wax out and the wick tab - or you can pay a surcharge of $2 and I'll wash it for you.

▪️ Contact me via email, Facebook, Instagram or text! We can arrange a day/time for me to pick up your empty candles.

▪️I refill them for $5 per 100ml, I'll send you an invoice and you can be pay via cash or card and I'll deliver them straight to your front door.

Usual turn around time is 2-3 days! I can only refill each jar 3 times - you can pick a different fragrance each time!